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Who we are

Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, Cologno Monzese, Milan. Cathedrals old heavy industry and many businesses and manufacturers in the background. Among these, a prominent position is up to the Anode, for over fifty years in the industry and the anodic oxidation of aluminum coloring and its alloys and recently expanded with a new plant dedicated to blasting to meet the new requests of the market.
Today the anodic oxidation can not be limited to immerse an object to be coated in an electrolyte solution: the chemical reaction necessary to add the electro, the sandblasting,
chemical etching, brightening and laser marking.
Reference sectors
These processes require the motorcycle, automotive, marine, machinery
industrial and those for the food industry, lighting, pneumatics.
The products processed by the Anodica are all over the world, even if customers are almost all in Italian.
technical market
Those who work in the anodic oxidation sector can work on "commercial bars", where count the large volumes, or for a technical market as The Anodica. Earlier technical reference market was building, then it grew to the small parts (various accessories, special in every industrial sector). The breakthrough with the entrance into the world of two and four wheels, where the subcontracting of L'Anodica lets you apply dozens of colors of materials such as aluminum, increasingly favored by the automotive industry for light weight and strength characteristics.
Passion, quality and environment
The Anode has always focused on quality and the first in Italy in its sector has obtained
UNI 29000, which has since been replaced by EN ISO 9002. The next stage is the brand
aluminum anodized quality and ISO 14000 certification for complete control
ecological processes and emissions to a minimum.